Friday, December 5, 2014

A blond's logic on racism.

NOTE: please don't start a large debate on this. It's my opinion. I realize others might disagree and have other views on racism. However, I am willing to listen to what opinions are out there. If they are fact based.

So by opening up this blog post I take it you really want to know what blond logic I have to offer towards racism? 

Well, here it is:

The webster definition of racism is: 

 poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race; the belief that some races of people are better than others.

With the recent protests and court case involving the Ferguson case, I personally have no idea of the details of what happened. I don't know what went through the minds of the parties involved. All I know is that it sparked a seemingly nation wide protest concerning racism.

The only way to truly have racism end is if everyone was blind and deaf. No one would be able to hear accents. No one would be able to see differences. All what we would know is that there would be others around us.

So what's a more realistic approach to racism? 
(because let's face it, I love to talk and I'd like to be able to see what's going on around me so I don't fall flat on my face when I'm walking somewhere)

well, until everyone is willing to sit together in a giant circle and sing kum-ba-ya, there isn't an easy way to solve this problem.

We've got to, as a nation, be more understanding of not just other cultures, but other people. We've got to judge less, be more open minded, and not jump to conclusions. 

Just because there's a white girl, doesn't mean that Starbucks is her number one place to go to after the gym.

Just because someone is African-American doesn't mean that all they listen to is rap.

Just because someone is latino and doesn't speak english mean that they are illegal.

And who is to blame for setting up stereotypes? 
All of us. We are all guilty.

So ladies and gentlemen, whatever race you define yourself as, my honest logical approach to racism is to instead of  fighting each other is to sit together at a table, each person bring in their favorite dish, and start understanding these differences that we've used to draw lines. In the end, you might find if you close your eyes but open your mind, we have no need for racism. Something will always offend someone, it's enviable. However, imagine a world where our cultures were actually combined in "the great american melting pot."? 

I've learned a lot from my friends from literally all over the world and from multiple ethnic back grounds. I continue to learn more as I meet more people.

So I challenge you with my blond logic towards racism.

How much are you willing to take a moment and learn about the stranger sitting next to you on the subway? How much are you willing to take a moment and understand that different isn't wrong? For are we really afraid of each other or are we afraid of what we will become if we would actually close our eyes and open our minds.