Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What I realized when Michael Phelps got his second DUI.

I can't believe I'm about to "somewhat defend" someone who got a DUI.

What's worse, I can't believe I'm about to down talk the people blasting the guy who got the DUI.

Go ahead. Judge me.

I'm sure all swimmers have heard the news that Michael Phelps got a DUI.
I'm sure everyone (swimmers and non-swimmers) know the consequences of drinking and driving.

I'm not saying that it's good that Michael Phelps got a DUI. In fact, it doesn't make him look that great at all.

I am saying that maybe we aren't being good role models either.

But wait, we didn't get the DUI.

Guess what, we all know someone who has had a DUI before.

Yet for some reason we don't say "you should have known better to drink and drive" in fact, some people laugh it off and treat it as some hilarious story to share.

So why, if we joke about DUIs with friends do we suddenly turn around and blast a "celebrity"? Is it because they are "expected" to be perfect? Please. Everyone should be expected to try to achieve perfection. But reality is, no one is perfect and we've all made less than perfect decisions.

So in the end, yes Michael Phelps got a DUI again.

And yes, the situation could have ended up much more dramatic.

And no, I am not saying that drinking and driving should be something to just blow off.

But, shouldn't we learn a lesson from this also?